Frequently Asked Questions

What is BitClix ?

BitClix is a PTC (Paid to Click) site that allow its users to earn bitcoin for clicking ads, completing easy tasks and surveys.

Users can also advertise their own websites or referral links with PTC or banner system.

How can I earn Bitcoin ?

To earn bitcoin, register to and go to 'Earn' tab in your dashboard.Click 'PTC' or 'Offer Walls' and start clicking advertisements.In 'CPA/GPT' Offers, you need to complete tasks and submit your info to earn bitcoin.In 'Paid Surveys' , you can earn 10 satoshi per minute by completing a survey session.

How can I advertise my website on BitClix?

For now, you have two options to advertise your website on BitClix.Simply go to 'Advertise' tab on your dashboard and choose PTC or banner ads.Select your adpack and submit your website info.You can either make the payment via your Purchase Balance or via CoinPayments.We accept BTC & ETH.Your ad will be approved instantly after the confirmation of payment and it will be online at BitClix.


What is Main Balance & Purchasing Balance ?

Your earnings from viewing ads will credited to your Main Balance.Purchase Balance is used for buying ad packs.You can always top up your Purchasing Balance via CoinPayments or transfer your funds from Main Balance.

How can I withdraw my Bitcoin earnings ?

You can withdraw your earnings on 'Money' tab.You can use FaucetHub to withdraw your earnings.Minimum withdrawal via FaucetHub is only 0.00001000 BTC (1000 satoshi).If you don't know what is FaucetHub, please visit for more info.After you register FaucetHub and link your bitcoin wallet with their platform, return to BitClix and go to Settings>Payment in your dashboard and submit your FaucetHub linked bitcoin address into relevant field.


What is Ad Credits ? How to earn & use them ?

On every advertisement click on BitClix, you earn 1 Ad Credits.You can use your Ad Credits for extra views while you creating a PTC campaign.For every 1 Credit you have, you get 1 extra visitor.To use your Ad Credits, simply check 'Use extra views' and specify how many credits you would like to use for that particular PTC campaign.

If your question is not listed here, please don't hesitate to contact us via our support system or